We bring you the best possible Financial Services Customized for your Business

Global Financial Services

Unlocking Success Through Streamlined Transformation, Research Solution and Risk Management

We offer services across various industries with a focus on enabling business transformation, process simplification, and standardization. We have expertise in project management, change management, and enterprise risk management. Our goal is to help businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and effectively manage risks. With our specialized capabilities, we assist clients in achieving their desired outcomes and navigating through organizational changes.

Business Verticals We Serve

Banking and Capital Market (BCM)



Consumer Market


Real Estate

Finacial Business Consulting

Elevating Financial Businesses through Expert Consulting Solutions

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Empowering Financial Services with Cutting-Edge Enterprise Technology Solutions

Extended Business Office

An extended business office (EBO) service model for certain administrative and operational functions where we work as an  outsourced third-party service provider for our International Clients in Finanical services, Research and Reporting work

  • Bespoke Research Solutions with Technology and Traditional Approach

  • Financial Technology (Fintech) to leverage technology and innovation to deliver financial services

  • Cross-Border Transactions and Forex to transactions in different currencies and navigate foreign exchange markets

  • Regulatory and Compliance Services adhere to various regulatory frameworks and comply with anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and other regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions

  • Wealth management services cater to high-net-worth individuals and families, providing personalized financial planning, investment advisory, estate planning, tax planning, and other wealth preservation strategie

Our Offshore Agency Services

  • Extension of the client’s business office, handling various back-office tasks and supporting functions

  • Easy access to resources and reportings with effective technology and tools

  • Designated Team and Project lead commited to Client’s project success

  • Reduces expense of new hires or costheads of your existing staff.
  • Project Management and Communication tools for effective and streamlined communication
  • Availability of great talent pool to engage for capacity and capability building

  • Multiple engagement models based on SLAs with customer centeric approach 

  • Resources with expertise and experience of working on mulitple domain for Global clients

Other accountancy services.

Research Solutions

Bespoke research for financial Service Industry with Technology and Traditional Approach

Data Solution

Transaction Data management  for  Informational and Analytical processing

Payroll Management

Administering and overseeing employee compensation, and tax withholdings